Saturday, May 27, 2006

One Shoe?

Watch the video
I'm fascinated by all the ways that manufacturers market their wares to us and how "unaware" we, as consumers, can be.....


Anonymous said...

Get over the ice-cream already and buy more! After all, Breyers is made in the USA. That means American employees, American jobs. If you really have the time to obsess about manufacturing, worry about all the loss of U.S. jobs due to the relocation of our manufacturing companies to places like India and China where labor is cheap. Now that is something to truly worry about!

Markus Sandy said...

There's a reason we lose those jobs anon and it's related to the ice cream. It's called lying and cheating and OTRTR has hit it on the head. Here in California, they caught Heinz scraping a little off the top of each katsup bottle (they didn't even have the integrity to sheepisly lower the quantity, they just tried to get away with theft. Luckily someone like OTRTR nailed their butt and they were found guilty in court and are now being forced to pay for this. How do you expect companies like that to help us keep good jobs? Hell, they are the one selling out your jobs right from under you. Frankly, if I worry about any of this, it's about you "anon" and your cowardly posts and ideas. Hats off to OTRTR for speaking out. Oh and one other thing, if made in the USA means more American employess and jobs, why all this immigrant worries, huh? huh?

marty said...

Scrimping in the wrong area.
Try buying a pair of jeans from the GAP where the zippers are now two
inches less in length!!!!!!!!!!!!
You might imagine the problem
that causes!! I wonder who did the research for that choice?

MSUgal86 said...

Markus and OTRTR are correct. The corporations or conglomerates whatever you want to call them are cheating people. The dishonorable business practices can be found from the top down in just about every corporate entity. Look at the Enron fiasco.Hundreds of good Americans lost their jobs and their pensions not to the company "leaving" but to these executive clowns who almost got away with fraud on one of the largest scales in "corporate history"! If we sit back in silence and say nothing, we become a part of the problem instead of becoming part of the solution. We need to become more proactive and make our voices heard in many ways including our purchasing power or matters will only get worse.

Carl Weaver said...

Breyers is nowhere near as good as some other brands. It's because of American laziness and union infiltration, etc. I like the handcrafted Chinese ice cream that I get for pennies on the dollar, made in sweat shops with child labor. The sweat of youth is so much sweeter than the sweat of union tampering.

In all seriousness, I don't care for Breyers. Not enough vanilla or creamy goodness in the vanilla ice cream.

Also, with lumber this makes sense. a new 2x4 in pressure treated and shrunk to 1 1/4 x 3 inches and is more durable. Booyah!

I had no idea that a pund of coffee changed so drastically. I am an instant coffee kind of guy and rarely, at that.

But you have a good point about how corporations are screwing with us. It's all screwy. We can choose to purcahse from the companies we believe in, though. That's our power and responsibility as consumers.

ontheroadtoruin said...

About the Breyers, I know some people like their vanilla really creamy--but I like the icy crystally (is that a word?) texture of Breyers vanilla. And their best flavor is vanilla fudge swirl. Just the right amount of cocoa-like chocolate to vanilla ratio. They don't put that carrageenan, which I think is something made from seaweed, in their ice cream as a thickener. So when it melts in the carton, it just looks like cream, not some weird sweet sludge.

John Leeke said...

So, "vote" against Breyers and spend your money "closer" to home. I learned how crank our own ice cream when I was a kid growing up in Nebraska. I taught my boy how to crank ice cream as he grew up here in Maine. And, we just finished cranking up a batch as part of our 4th celebration.

Should we buy short measure from Breyers? I don't. I buy a White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer, made in Nashua, New Hampshire (the wooden bucket made of New England white pine wood); rock salt from the neighborhood hardware; milk & eggs from our in-state dairy; and I make my own ice. (sure the "ice box" is electric, but I buy my electricity from the in-state wind farm downeast along the coast of Maine.

Today we tossed in a few Maine blueberrys, picked by the gal down the road. Yummy on the tummy. Yummy on the social/political/fiscal side too.

The corporteering thieves make it difficult to get it all together, but turning that crank has always been a bit of real work that is worth it.

John Leeke