Monday, May 15, 2006

I Scream, You Scream

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Frustration and disappointment at the supermarket. Where will it end?


ryanne hodson said...

what a jip!
they're probably owned by nestle or one of those cheap bastards. actually if you think about it, it probably has everything to do with the price of oil.

ashe said...

it's just the beginning of food prices going up! check out my wiki about it!

John Leeke said...

So, "vote" against Breyers and spend your money "closer" to home. I learned how crank our own ice cream when I was a kid growing up in Nebraska. I taught my boy how to crank ice cream as he grew up here in Maine. And, we just finished cranking up a batch as part of our 4th celebration.

Should we buy short measure from Breyers? I don't. I buy a White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer, made in Nashua, New Hampshire (the wooden bucket made of New England white pine wood); rock salt from the neighborhood hardware; milk & eggs from our in-state dairy; and I make my own ice. (sure the "ice box" is electric, but I buy my electricity from the in-state wind farm downeast along the coast of Maine.

Today we tossed in a few Maine blueberrys, picked by the gal down the road. Yummy on the tummy. Yummy on the social/political/fiscal side too.

The corporteering thieves make it difficult to get it all together, but turning that crank has always been a bit of real work that is worth it.

John Leeke

ontheroadtoruin said...

John! I loved your solution! I have been thinking for two years about buying an ice cream maker. Now I feel guilty for looking at the electric Cuisenart version. But I cranked ice cream at my cousins' when I was a kid, too. Homemade is definitely the way to go. Thanks for writing!