Sunday, March 12, 2006

The End of the Easy Button Story

Watch the video
I couldn't resist adding this postscript to the Easy Button story after my last visit to Staples!


marty said...

That was easy!

ryanne hodson said...

i still don't understand what the easy button is supposed to do...nothing right? but why are they selling something that has no purpose?
i'm so lost.

David Kolenda said...

Please tell me you bought an easy button!

Next time you're having problems at Staples, just pull it out, set it on the counter, and start slamming you're fist on it!

Even if it doesn't make it "easy", it'll scare the bejeesus out the teenagers working there!

Carl Weaver said...

I haven't had any huge problems at Staples where I live, but that type of store - the mega retail crap temple - seems to universally have the oft-repeated motto, "Manager to the front - I need the key."

What's with this magical key, and why can't they give me the labeled or advertised price without the key? And why does even the manager use mysterious retail speak like SKU, POS and "key"? I think it's all to make the customer feel dumb. I hate those stores.