Monday, February 27, 2006

The Easy Button Part Two

Watch the video
Be sure to watch the first segment to experience ALL the frustration!


ashe said...

hey mom! I'm so impressed you can do all of that in one shot! what is a friggen easy button anyways?

~~ Melissa said...

The pain of it all aside, that was rather entertaining.

When we go through such horrible shopping experiences, my husband and I invoice the company president for our time wasted. We've been paid a few times.

I trust you'll let us know when the Easy Button Truck delivers the

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how hard you had me cracking up. Sorry to laugh at your misfortune. It is ridiculous how companies market their products and services before getting the glitches out. I'm glad to have been able to catch up with you by watching your videos.

Kourtney Kilmartin

Markus Sandy said...

Great story! The real costs of "low prices" is becoming more and more apparent.

ryanne hodson said...

i have no idea what this easy button is and how one is supposed to use it but it doesn't seem so easy after all the hype!
love the videos mom!

Finch said...

Had to say, that cracked me up. That was freakin awesome. You definately have a way with words.

Mary Beth said...

I love when you say "then some robot from Staples calls me"! A robot!