Friday, August 18, 2006

The Graduate

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The last four years seem to have flown by.....and on a rainy week-end in Vermont, Ashley's family gathered to watch her last day at Bennington College.


com-mence-ment, noun = 1. a formal beginning 2. the ceremony of graduation


ashe said...

hey, that's me!

Carl Weaver said...

Way to go, Ashe!

J. k. N. said...

Attention Jena!
This is a formal invitation to a project I am launching. It's called the M. A. D. project. I have a list of people I am personally inviting to the project, but also the project is open to all. There is a post on my blog explaining the details.
The list of people are people both in and outside the blogging community whom I really appreciate their work.
The project goes a little something like this.

You will send me a way that you or others make a difference, whether it be grandiose, or simple it's all good. I will make a video based on that idea. At the same time you will also make a video, when done you will send me the link, and I will post them as a pair. This is mainly an exploration in perspective, and how we all influence each other without even knowing it. This will be a collaboration without collaborating.
Please email the proposed idea to as well as the link to the video upon completion.

I hope you choose to be a part of this project, and I look forward to what we all will create.
thank you
-Josh Nagle

ryanne hodson said...

mom you havent posted to your blog in a year!!