Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Candy

Watch the video
I couldn't find "Jingle Bells" but did have the soundtrack from the Wizard of Oz. After I had put the video together, I started to add the soundtrack. I cut just a bit off the beginning and placed the rest at the start of the video. Without any other editing, it came out perfectly! Boy, was I suprised! Ho ho hum.


ashe said...

i can't believe how the music fits in so well! it was meant to be, for real.

ryanne hodson said...

i helped!
i taped!
yeah the music on this one it totally amazingly weird how it all worked after you edited the video.
good job mom!!!

road to ruin said...
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Carl Weaver said...

Yum. I want to be on your list next year!

I think homemade candy is about the best gift I can get, other than a new camera. My mother and I exchanged homemade gifts this year. It was great - low cost, lots of caring.